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CPE Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce we are now offering PCB Assembly, PCB Design, PCB Fabrication, Parts Procurement Services, and Customer-Made Parts through dozens Manufacturing facilities in Asia (China, South Korea, Malaysia), Europe, and USA.

We give you total control over production quality. We have our own inspectors, our own quality specifications, on top of factory’s own, and on top of IPC specifications. Therefore, our automotive customers overseas to put PCB directly into production line without the need for incoming inspection.
In the end, combining purchase power and quality control, we offer you the most cost saving solution.

We also welcome customers anytime to visit our factories and support you for your audit or we can issue our own audit report to speed up your qualification process.

to avoid throwing the whole panel if one board or two have default. X-out usually slows assembly on customer side and ind end up been costly for customers. Also, if factory delivers X-OUT, it is a symptom that they do not have their own quality under control.

  • Send us Gerber drawings, annual quantities, current price
  • We will issue samples and cost reduction information
  • We received your annual scheduled order, (our warehouse maintain a safety stock)
  • We will recommend logistics and freight strategies
  • BOM evaluation for Cost Reduction
  • BGA capabilities
  • Component Replacements for Cost reduction
  • Rohs/Non-Rohs BOM Scrubbing
  • Passive Components supply and recommendations
  • One time-line for the entire production build & testing
  • Quit turn around Rework
  • We Welcome ECOs
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