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Industrial Automation

Plant engineering, Mixing and metering technology, Printing industry, Food technology, Safety systems, Medicine und pharma, Packaging systems, Renewable Energy

Traffic & Transport

Railway manufacturer, Bus manufacturer, Automotive, Door manufacturer, Information and safety (emergency phones), Ship Technology , Municipal utilities, Aerospace technology

Building Technology

Door automation, Hospitals and clinics, Lift and conveyor technique

Competitive Advantages

  • Fully shock, vibration, water and dust proof (IP69K and IK08) – the below stress test video will prove that
  • Each switch is 100% customizable in voltage, connector type, color and symbol
  • The life cycle is above 100 million activation cycles
  • Activation with clothes or similar protection gear due to a unique capacitive technology (can be switched with any part of your body including shoes)
  • No MOQ (minimum order quantities)

Product Range & Brochures

  • Optical Sensors (available with infrared, laser and red light)
  • Capacitive Sensor Switches
  • Two-Hand Control Safety Switches (two hand security control systems)
  • Fluid Sensors (level measurement)
  • Signal Indicators (Signal Indicators)


Below you may find our latest Company & Stress Test video which will provides you a clear picture about our Company and Competitive Advantage.

Innovation, Visions and Passion: Discover what makes CAPTRON unique.

When it comes to customers’ special solutions and requirements, CAPTRON can at all times be relied upon as a competent partner.

Do you know the new SENSORswitch stress test video already?