PT – Automatic Cash Machine

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PT – Automatic Cash Machine


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Two-levels configuration is dedicated to all vehicle transits in the lane. Easy self-operations are assisted by means of specialized manmachine interfaces, vocal synthesis, blinking led-arrows and lights, intercoms and dedicated operating software. Automatic recognition and dispensing of coins and banknotes; pre-setted for transactions by Euros. Software specially developed for quick transactions. Integration possibility with other lane devices. Dedicated controller with digital I/O interfaces. Easy maintenance by technological alarms showing equipment and single main devices status in real-time. Up to no.6 banknote-types and no.16 coin-types recognition, with money change. Banknotes that are not taken by the driver can be retracted into the reject cassette. • Stakers and reject cassette are provided with electronic and mechanic lock. • Separate RS-232 serial lines with selectable baud-rate link the banknote validators to the B90 Controller and separate RS-232 serial lines with selectable baud-rate link the receipt printers and the log-printer to the B90 Controller too. Log-book papers are automatically rewinded.

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ITS (Intelligent Transportation System)


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