PT – Ticket Issuing Machine

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PT – Ticket Issuing Machine


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Full automatic management of magnetic tickets issuing in entry lanes. Pre/post classification of the vehicle in entry lane with AVP/AVC devices. Automatic control of the ticket request buttons (one for each level). Ticket issue on either top level or bottom level through two independent automatic devices; each one can be provided with two paper rolls which can be used up until they are finished. Paper roll capacity: 2500 (122 mm) tickets or 3600 (85 mm) tickets. Issue of magnetic codified tickets which are automatically checked and printed. Automatic store for faulty codified tickets in special rear boxes. Magnetic coding in accordance with ISO and TRANSAC standards. Issue of both “long” tickets (122 mm in accordance with TRANSAC) and “short” tickets (85 mm in accordance with ISO). Impact or thermal printing. Tickets thickness: from 0.1 mm up to1 mm max. Automatic control of the additional lane devices (traffic lights, barriers etc.) for the vehicle transit. Storage of collected data on the lane processor. Local network connection with a remote unit (host computer). Intercom communication between driver and remote control operator. Integrated pre-magnetized ticket dispenser (option).

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ITS (Intelligent Transportation System)


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