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RGDAT is a device designed to be installed in the MV bays of remote controlled secondary substations in order to detect the presence of faults and power failures on the line. The MV line is monitored by means of 3 current transducers (CT), supplied with the device, and using the voltage signals delivered by 3 capacitive dividers, supplied as an optional feature together with the support and fastening kit. The purpose of RGDAT is to signal the status of the section of MV line monitored via relay outputs and to provide, via a 4/20 mA analog output, an indication of the current value on one of the phases. RGDAT can be completely configured and programmed from a portable Personal Computer connected by means of the RS232 serial port. The RGDAT application program can also be updated from the PC. RGDAT is based on a powerful 32 bit microprocessor belonging to the latest generation (ARM), capable of executing 60 million instructions per second; this allows a Fourier analysis to be performed on all analog inputs, acquired at a frequency of 3000 samples per second. RGDAT includes 3 alarm relays and 8 LED status indicators, visible on the outside of the enclosure.

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