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TPT 2000


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The TPT-2000 is a device for the remote control and supervision of the Primary Substation (conversion from High Voltage to Medium Voltage) by ENEL Distribuzione. The TPT-2000 communicates with central ENEL equipment (Centre) for: forwarding remote controls received from the Centre to the field; acquiring and making available to the Centre the information relating to the status of manoeuvre components and to the safety and check devices installed in the systems; send the value of the analog measurements from the system to the Centre. TPT-2000 implements local processing of medium complexity, aimed at correlating input signals and transmitting to the Centre the signal of the synthetic event that generated them. Communication between TPT-2000 and Centre uses standard Internet protocols and is based on the following types of vector: Ethernet on optic fibre; modem on dedicated 2- or 4-wire lines; modem on dial-up telephone network (PSTN) or GSM. 

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